A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Just to Sum up the pictures below….

Riley does not tolerate anything in his mouth. He hasn’t for years! Obviously we have been able to feed him through his gtube but that did Nothing for Oral Hygiene. This has been a Serious concern of mine with the Team but to them it falls secondary…If even that. The Risk of Infection to have Dentistry come in and clean his teeth is to High for them to even consider it.
That all being said… The last few days Riley has begun to let me in his mouth with a toothbrush!!! Then with Toothpaste!! He has let me brush his Entire mouth… Tongue and All without Gagging Once!!
It Truly Feels Like a Miracle ♥

I Do have some concern of aggravating something in his mouth. I don’t want to cause an infection! I will talk to Hanna on Monday about it.
In the Big picture it is a Wonderful.. Monumental.. Step for Riley



Comments on: "♥ Brush..A..Brush..A..Brush..A ♥" (1)

  1. Crystal Taylor-Beals said:

    So what is the reason he won’t tolerate anything in his mouth? He doesn’t like the feeling or it pains him in some way? So no food at all he will eat? His story so breaks my heart,,he is such a precious little boy. As a Mother it must frustrate you so to not be able to do anything to make him better. Just keep hugging him and keeping him safe. He is loved by so many.

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