A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Riley has Breezed through Cath #22 ♥ Once again only the LLPV was dilated. Dr. Rome didn’t feel the RUPV needed any intervention! Riley also had Minimal reaction to the Contrast this time around!! We’ll take It ♥
Thank You ALL for Your Continued Love and Support for Riley and Our Family ♥ ♥







Comments on: "♥ Riley Breezes Through Cath Number 22 ♥" (2)

  1. Hooray, God is good!!! Love, Jilly and Joy

  2. Dominique R. said:

    I stumbled on your page through a twitter retweet, and I want you to know that my heart goes out to Riley, you and your family. The courage and strength you display to your child is remarkable. He’s a fighter and that is because you guys are fighter’s as wel. No matter what is being thrown your way, you find the strength from all of your love for him, to fight back- for him and with him. By him having such a great family, that loves him dearly, standing along with him, gives him strength he needs to prospers. Although I cannot imagine how difficult this must be, you all have overcome many obstacles, when all odds were against you… Keep it up!!! Keep that love for him, and that fight for him. As long as you do, he will fight as well. My prayers are sincerely with him, you and your family. I am soo proud of him for not only having conquered and overcome so much, so young – but also because he has never given up. His pictures are full of life and happiness, even while times are tough. And I am sure it is because he has such loving people who is standing beside him, fighting right along with him, reassuring him that you will get through this. Again, my heart and prayers are with you all, especially him… and I am rooting for your miracle and praying for it right along with you. Never give up hope, and never stop praying. God WILL, hear you, and He is with you. May God continue to be with your family, now and always. Sending prayers and Love, from my family to yours. ❤

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