A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

I wanted to let Everyone know that Riley’s next cath has been scheduled for the Beginning of June. Unfortunetely because Our home was Broken Into during Riley’s last Cath…. I do not feel secure in operating in Real Time!! Thank the People who Robbed Our Home! I will certainly keep everything updated….It just may not be in the Moment that things are Happening….but Rather After the Fact!
Last year at this time Riley already had One Dry Run….Which turned into Three Runs by August! Tis the Season ♥
Thank You All For Your Continued Love and Support for Our Riley ♥

Comments on: "♥ Riley’s Next Cardiac Cath is Scheduled … ♥ #22.." (1)

  1. oh my, that is horrible about your house getting broken into… I have heard of that happening here because of a posting on fb… so sad that we have to be so protective because of the creeps out there! But, absolutly makes sense to post after the fact!!! I know what you mean about the heat… makes for a wet rag child here too! Jilly got 1hr out is all and the poor thing was red and gasping, we got a big bucket of cold water for her to play in, but it was still tough on her. And to top it off, she caught a cold too… my thoughts and prayers are with you and Riley with his next cath. and for that special gift he needs… I cannot wait till the day you call me and tell me about it!!! Much love and hugs!!! Joy and Jilly

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