A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Movin’ On Up… :)

Last week Riley had a visit with Pulmonary. It was a Very routine visit with Dr. Goldfarb with nothing new to really report at the time.
Riley has continued to gain weight, though, since we made some changes with his feeds. So at his Pulmonary visit he weighed in at 13.9kg!
I received an email from the NP on the Cardiac transplant team asking me if I believed the weight to be accurate. So I put him on our home scale and he was 13.6kg. Pretty Close! The reason she was asking was so she could update his information in UNOS. I asked if the weight gain would change/improve his odds on getting a match.
This was Rachel’s Response…

We use a range of 95%-115% for height and weight. He was listed at 12-14kg and now he’s listed at 13-16kg which gives him the option of a bigger donor which theoretically could be Beneficial in terms of Offers. : )

Sounds Positive to Me:)


                Keep Growing…


   High Five…Dr Goldfarb.. 🙂

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  1. He is looking great mashallah. With the help of all mighty he would be just fine….xoxo 🙂

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