A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Riley is out of the cath. In a Pod in the CICU. Ugh. Everything went fine in the cath. Left Lower was dilated. Upper Right was not. Dr Rome has decided to stop the Plavix. Says that it will cause a bleeding issue during Transplant. My concern is that the Plavix is for the stent he should have had removed three and a half years ago. So Now there is a slightly increased risk that the stent will clot, but the bleeding factor during transplant is of higher concern to them. So we Journey on and Pray that Stopping the Plavix doesn’t cause an Extremely Acute Emergency! Also… Because of the reaction.. Four doses of IV Steroids have been ordered for post cath. Last one being tomorrow morning. For Now… Riley is Sleeping Comfortably ♥

Comments on: "Riley is Out of the Cath…." (1)

  1. So glad the cath is done! Riley is such a warrior!!! Praying for that precious gift of life, so that you don’t have to worry about such things like the stent clotting. Sending my love and Heart hugs to Riley and your entire family!!! Love, Joy and Jilly

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