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Faces of Hope’s Story on Our Warrior…

Please Read this Great Story about Riley’s Journey Put Together by a Dear Friend Suzanne Walters!

Thank You Suzanne for Caring and Wanting to Share Riley’s Story! XoXo.


Just Had to Repost This Beautiful Picture of Riley… :)


Both Pictures Look Beautiful…


Pictures of a Warrior…


Riley and Christian..




Riley Looks Like Such a Big Boy Here!
Hard to Believe He is Going to Be 4 April 4th:)

Riley is Finally Getting Outside With This Nice Weather :) ♥



Riley and his Stick! It was probably 2 ft taller then he is ..lol 🙂


Going for a Ride ♥

The Importance of Organ Donation…

There are Not Only Adults but Children Waiting for a Gift of Life! As Hard as that Thought is… Its a Reality. There is also the Reality that Children Tragically Lose Their Lives Everyday! The Family that is Mourning the Loss of Their Child Does have an Opportunity for Their Baby to Live on Through Another Child! We Just Pray that Those Families….at that Life Altering Moment are Able to Remember the Gift of Life they can Give ♥

Thursday’s Appt. With Pulmonary…

Riley had an appt with Pulmonary on Thursday. Everything was routine. Riley did however gain weight! Apparently the most he has gained between visits Ever! We did change his feed. It has actually increased his reflux some, but they are Happy that he is gaining weight. He weighs in at just under 28Lbs 🙂 So we’ll Hope for now that the reflux improves!
Next appt in two weeks with Cardiology… Dr. Hanna.

Unless…of course… Transplant Comes First ♥




Dr. Goldfarb Taking a Listen…

Link To Riley’s Life on the Waiting List….


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