A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

What a Mess….

Seems Riley undid his extension while I went to get his meds. At Least I’m assuming thats when he did it. Needless to say…about 150 ml of feed plus 5 meds literally down my chair. Called CHOP and he is ok to wait till his next dose tomorrow of those meds especially since we don’t know if he got them or not. Now… To call the furniture company tomorrow and Hopefully our warranty will replace the chair. Why? It’s all down inside and we can’t have moldy furniture with Riley. Grrrr…. Live and Learn…. ♥


Comments on: "What a Mess…." (1)

  1. oh the messes we have had from these feeding tubes!!! Especially with the buttons, we now have catheter style so nothing to connect or disconnect… just messes when the balloon comes out of stomach or intestine (2 tubes)… But the danger of the mold growth is scary!!! Hopeing the warranty is still good for ya!!! Heart hugs!!! Joy

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