A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Riley had an appt in pulmonary today. Nothing much to report on as far as Riley and/or any changes.
I did want to share just a lil something with you all though. When I was talking to Dr. Kreindler I said how Crazy this whole thing is. Riley needs transplant in order for there to be any Hope of a life for him yet I feel like the day we transplant him we are starting the countdown to the day we have to let him go! Dr. Kreindler said… I Know but I’m glad you are going into this knowing the possibilities of what could happen. Sadly the odds of survival for the first year just arent that good! Doesn’t mean Riley can’t beat the odds but he will certainly be Fighting them!
So I will end this post saying…. Can you Imagine?!
Ok.. I know some of you can but I Believe Most Cannot!
To have a child, your child, growing up in front of you… now calling you Mom and Wanting your attention. That same child who should out live you actually has a “Plot” so that I know when that day comes he will not be Alone and will be with my family ♥
I wouldnt wish those thoughts on another parent.. EVER ♥

Here a couple pictures from Todays Visit with Dr. Kreindler ….





Comments on: "Visit With Dr. Kreindler and a Moment in Our Reality…." (3)

  1. Wish I could give you a big hug. You are in my prayers tonight, as you have been since I met you! May God keep you and your family in His Grip.

  2. Admiting the truth of this journey, takes alot of bravery! But I know, you would rather not have to be so brave!!! Riley is a fighter, and that is what is most important. And no matter what, he will always have the most loving mom ever!!! My heart/ thoughts/ and prayers are with you Carol… I cannot immagine your journey, I know mine is tough enough… Sending lots of Heart hugs!!! Joy

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