A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

A Thought I’d Share…

Yesterday…while at CHOP we saw some of the people on “Our Team”. After the cath I was talking to some of our team and mentioned how crazy it was putting Riley through this every 8 weeks and even crazier that he has been waiting over two years for transplant. One of our team members said to me…. If you Ever decide you dont want to do this anymore… Dont be afraid to call us. I thought and Said… No.. thats not what I ment… I will Never quit on Riley. Even when it seems there may be no hope… I will be the one Still Holding On!! When I went to bed last night I thought of the conversation and just prayed that Im not being Selfish! I know Riley’s Journey is Far from Over but whenever it may be I dont know that Even then I will be able to let go! ♥


Comments on: "A Thought I’d Share…" (2)

  1. Pinky Quiroz said:

    Oh my Dearest Carol… you are absolutly rigth…your mother’s heart is stronger than anything at future… do not try to understand the love (about selfish)… just feel it (love) … If you try to add anything to this feeling it can make you Confused … you are doing the best you can for your son and God knows…. do what you need to keep this beautiful baby with you… Prove to God why Riley has to stay and be with us …. I know this time is not easy for Riley…but stay with mom is better than anything… don’t think any more… keep strong and pray…. you are not alone.. love is with you… love is inside you… I do not know any person with the love like you have for your kid… you are the perfect best mom for Riley, and that’s because you are together… I am sure… ♥♥♥♥

  2. I agree with you Carol… as long as there is a breath in them left, I will keep fighting too. Maybe, certain circumstances would change my thinking on this… but for me… I know when there seems to be no hope… there is still hope, so how can we give up!!! You are a strong mama… heart hugs and prayers!!! Joy

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