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Riley Seems Ok Today….

Riley did not go to CHOP today. His PO was in the 80’s all night. The reality is I don’t constantly check his PO anymore. That being said… Riley does desat during the day cause he is up and active. Yes its going lower but we have to remember that Riley has been waiting over 2yrs for a New Heart and Lungs ♥ Thank you all for Your Love and Concern ♥


Riley’s Pulse Ox has gone to the 60’s on 4L…

Riley’s Pulse Ox today on 3L is in the 50′ s. Put O2 on 4L and his Pulse Ox got up to upper 60′ s. Dr. Hanna is not happy with the numbers but believes we can wait and come and see him tomorrow in clinic instead of going to the ER tonight. Dr. Spray said things would probably begin to become Bigger issues around 3 1/2. Yea…Riley is 3 1/2 ♥ Hopefully tomorrow doesn’t lead to admission. Technically Riley should have been inpatient the last 2yrs…Can you imagine?! God..Just let us come Home tomorrow ♥

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