A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Riley took a visit to CHOP today with Daddy. I was at Eye Doctor appts with Christian.
The reason…. Yesterday… Early morning Riley was throwing up alot. Then it kinda stopped after the morning. He did have 2 loose stools but nothing to crazy. He was by no means feeling well yesterday though. All of his numbers were ok so we split some feeds with pedialyte and stayed in contact with CHOP.

This morning he started with the diarrhea. He had 5 pretty good BMs before noon. Still in contact with transplant they said to continue the pedialyte and feeds as we had been. Thats when I took Christian out and CHOP called back. Seems they thought it may be a Good idea to look at Riley and run some labs. That is how Dad ended up taking Riley to CHOP… ALone. This way we could skip the ER but the clinic was going to be closing so they had to hurry.

Riley’s labs all came back ok. Ok for Riley anyway:) So they told us to continue doing what we have been. Some may feel that it was a big waste of time to take Riley over there when we are just going to continue doing the same and in the Big picture he is ok, but with Riley you Just never know. There is a fine line between to much fluid in his body and not enough. I Feel better knowing he was seen by a doctor and that his labs are ok.

Hopefully by tomorrow this bug will Clear for Riley and he can head into the New Year on a Healthier Note… Of Course Transplant Would Be the Best Way To Start The Year ♥


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