A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

I had a visitor at Our door today. He said he was Dropping Something Off. When I opened the door there was a gentleman who handed me a card. He said his family was touched by Riley’s Story and that the card was for Us. Then he quickly explained that he was in Real Estate and that was how he found the house. I Honestly was a lil confused and Thanked Him and went Inside.
Once inside I opened the card and it contained Two Gift Cards to Walmart and a Nice Note! Seems as though another local newspaper shared the story that the Courier had posted the other week. That was the story he saw. Seems they also have a Special Needs Child and spend alot of time at CHOP.
I wish now that I could go back to when I opened my front door and do it over. Open the card then so that I could Thank Mr Rivera in Person for his Families Extremely Kind Gesture!
If Anyone in the Rivera Family is Reading this Now….. Thank You… Thank You… Thank You ♥ Merry Christmas to You and Your Family…. Your Kindness has Certainly Touched Our Family This Holiday Season ♥


Comments on: "Heroes Walk Through Our Life Everyday….Including Today…" (3)

  1. Your thank you was heard from the Rivera family! Mia and Riley share the same cardiologist, Dr. Hanna! Our famliy hopes you have a wonderful, CHOP free, holiday! Love, Joe, Chrissy, Joey, Nathan and Amelia!

  2. I know exactly what you mean… this is the kind of generosity we have seen year after year with Jilly. You being one of those people, sitting with me during Jilly’s fontan takedown… I will never forget that Love you showed to a complete stranger!!! You deserve this, and I know that these people who do these things, feel as much Joy as we feel by receiving. And I know both of us pay it forward whenever we can!!! This Love and Kindness is truely what makes the world go around!!! Enjoy, and a Very Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!! Heart hugs from Jilly and Joy

  3. Hello Carol,
    I’m no Hero just a parent who knows what you are going through. Like I told you yesterday I also have a special needs child. Yesterday we also had a knock on our door from a friend (not a stranger lol) with a bag of gifts in hand for our family. It is amazing how great people are trying to help you. I wish that the news would air more of these kind acts insted of all of the violence in the world.
    So yesterday I was putting my recycling cans out and on my drive way there is this paper called Down the pike. I picked it up and started to put it in the can but something stopped me. I open the paper and their was Rylie’s Story. I know the area not only cause I’m a realtor but I grew up one street over and across the pike. I knew I had to do something and that is when I met you. I’m no hero just a caring parent who is paying it forward.
    I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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