A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

The Journey Continues….






As you may have seen on Facebook Riley had appts at CHOP this week.
Yesterday we saw Dr. Hanna. Nothing much to report. Pulse Ox was hanging between 70-73 on 3L. Riley weighed in at 26lbs. That number hasnt really changed.
It does look like Riley will be getting Synagis again this year. Hanna doesnt believe he really needs it plus he knows how horrible it is because of how big Riley is when it comes to getting Synagis. The bigger you are the more you need. Last year…. Every Month through the season… 2 Shots… 1 in Each Leg… Both I’d say with about 3cc in them. Then you have to do both at the same time… Get it over with! Easier then one leg at a time. Anyway… Dr. Goldfarb and Dr. Hummel believe Riley should get Synagis. That being said…. Synagis… Here we come.. Grrr.. Riley will also be Cathed AGAIN around the second week of January.
Riley’s cath lead us to the Allergy doctor today. I dont have the paperwork on hand but to try and sum it up…. We will continue pretreating Riley with Tylenol, Steroids and Benadryl. The only real change to trying to prevent Riley’s reaction to what is believed to be contrast is Maximizing his premeds and continuing the meds for possibly up to 48 hours post cath. The thought is that Riley will still have a reaction after the cath… red, fever, blotchy… but hopfully it can be minimized. The reaction isnt Believed to be Life Threating However if we Stop doing the Caths because of this issue… That would be Life Threating.
In the End… The Journey Continues……. ♥


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  1. Oh boy…Synagis again. We are on our third year and had to fight like crazy to get it this year. But, it beats the heck out of a hospital stay for RSV. Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

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