A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….



Today was a pretty routine visit to see Dr. Hanna. Riley’s Pulse was hanging in the upper 60’s which could be one of two things…He is getting a cold or its the progression of the disease! We are oddly going to hope for cold because the alternative is just to much to think about right now! Dr. Spray said around this age is when children in Riley’s situation start to run into more problems and eventually leading to their death…usually by age 5! Yea.. He said this when I was 5 months pregnant and here we are now! Problem… Spray has called everything down to the T with Riley so far! This is the one time I dont want Dr. Spray to be right! So we Journey on!
Unfortunetly (for some) this coming holiday is a busy transplant time because of so many accidents and people on the road! How can I pray that Riley gets his transplant for the holidays when that would mean another Family is losing their child at the holidays!? Thats just unimaginable to me


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  1. Oh hun, I cannot do anything more than imagine what this might feel like… but I do know that Praying for Riley’s heart, is not praying for harm to others! Yes, it would mean the loss of a life… but that part is meant to be, regardless of how you pray. I know that it must be so hard to seperate these two things because they are so directly related… There is a time to live and a time to die as God tells us… we are praying for Riley’s time to live to be longer, just like we are doing with the rest of our cardiac kiddos… and knowing what it is like for us to live on the edge like this… we would not wish other children any harm ever… we pray for and support each other, regardless of what is happening to our own… and that is what it is all about! The gift of life is amazing, and if I were ever unfortunate enough to loose one of my children, I would not hesitate to gift their organs to others who can live because of it. You hang in there, and we will ocntinue wishing for YOUR Holiday Miricle!!! Love and hugs!!! Joy

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