A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Riley is first case Monday morning for his Cath. They have added Tylenol to his premeds. Immunology suggested this to try and prevent the “Reaction” he had after his last two caths. I dont see the connection but we’ll see what happens.
Dr. Goldfarb spoke with Dr. Spray regarding Riley and the Gleevec. His Opinion is the Same as Dr. Rome and Dr. Hanna and Now Dr. Goldfarb…. That Gleevec would not be beneficial to Riley. Dr. Spray believes we need to continue doing what we’re doing till Transplant! Dr. Goldfarb feels Strongly that Riley will be tranplanted Very Soon! (After 2 Yrs anytime would be soon!) He said that all the offers they have been getting, at least through Pulmonary, have been for Riley. That goes back to earlier in the week when I said he has Out Waited Everyone! That Literally put him at the Top of the List! Now we Need One of these Offers to be a Perfect Match for Riley!
I have to admit after 2 years it has gotten Crazy knowing that ANY SECOND the phone could ring and Our life will change Forever! The Crazier part is that 3 times during the summer we got that Life Changing Call and All Three Times turned into “Dry Runs!” ā™„
Riley Will Get His Gift… One Day ā™„


Comments on: "Riley is First Case Monday Morning…" (1)

  1. Yes, Riley will get his gift… and soon sounds amazing!!! Hugs and Prayers for Monday… I know that even a heart cath. is stressful to see him go through… I am sorry the study wont work for Riley… but maybe that is for the better… we just have to believe that!!! I know CHOP has Riley’s best interest in mind always!!! Hang in there mommy!!! Sending lots of love from Jilly and Joy!!!

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