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Behind Your Scar…. By ~ Stephanie Husted ~ Beautiful!

Behind your Scar Sometimes I have those “moments”, When I think…life’s just not fair, Then I think of all you’ve been through, And I see the scar you bear. A faded line right down your chest, Made with such careful precision, We wanted you to have a chance, Could there be any other decision? And so I trace that “perfect” scar, Made with the utmost care, And I realize there is purpose, Behind this scar you wear. What have you taught us? You’ve taught us how to face a storm, (Some things are just out of our hands) Life has no handy guidebook, (Things don’t always go as you’ve planned) People come into our lives, (Sometimes it is just for a season) But God brings them into our lives, (And I know that He must have a reason) Normal, uneventful days, (The kind that we always hoped for) These are the days I say, “Wow God”, We just never know what lies in store. If I can place a feeding tube, Without even getting distraught, Perhaps, maybe, I might be… Much stronger than I thought. It’s okay to be afraid, And it’s alright to cry, It’s okay to feel lost sometimes, It’s even okay to ask…why? You face life with courage, (Knowing God set you apart) Every little thing you do, You do with all of your heart. No crystal ball exists for us, (To see us through each strife) We only have one wish for you… An ordinary life. You’ve taught us to love one another, (Helping eachother to cope) You’ve taught us compassion for others, You’ve taught us to never lose hope. You already have quite a story, Which you can someday share, And I can see it’s beauty, Behind that scar you wear. ~Stephanie Husted

We are Home :(

Seems as though the 3rd time Wasn’t the charm for Riley! Hard to believe that we are home.. Again!
Thank you All for your Love and Support for Riley and Our Family! The Journey continues….

Still waiting…

Still waiting! Possible OR time is around 2am but they were suppose to be taking the donor in the OR at 10:30 and we haven’t heard anything! So.. We wait! Riley is sleeping! I just Pray we aren’t sent home at the end of all this.. ♥

First Pole of IV’s for post transplant…


Transplant still a Go….

OR time for donor is approx. 10:30pm. We are looking at about 2 hrs after that for Riley to go for surgery! A long wait that Hopefully is Worth it ♥

At CHOP waiting…. 8/2/11


Another Offer…

We have Another Good Offer! Waiting to hear back from CHOP if we are heading over or not. Waiting for final echo results on the donor! Could the 3rd time be a Charm? We shall know shortly ♥

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