A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

We are Home :(

Seems as though the 3rd time Wasn’t the charm for Riley! Hard to believe that we are home.. Again!
Thank you All for your Love and Support for Riley and Our Family! The Journey continues….


Comments on: "We are Home :(" (7)

  1. Julie Zaragoza said:

    Don’t know what to say, what words to use – may you still feel the peace of Jesus Christ with you! Still praying!

  2. Oh no…this was not the post I was expecting to see this morning. Many prayers that the perfect organs will find their way to you soon.

  3. Oh no! I just found your story and have read through your journey with Riley last night. Was so hoping that this morning would show the beginning of his recovery from transplant…praying that he receives what he needs soon!

  4. Jessica Turner said:

    What a rough night… There are many prayers and hugs for you all today. The perfect matching is coming, and although this seems so hard right now, we want nothing less than Perfect for little Riley! **Lots of love and prayers from us in Va***

  5. So sorry to see this post this morning. Wishing you and your family well. Good thoughts to you. Hang in there.

  6. Hi Carol, I wish there were words to comfort you in this trying time… I know every min. you are hoping for it to be Riley’s moment and I truely believe that he is gonna get that miracle… we have to believe, Riley is doing the rest by being strong and fighting in the CHD WORLD! I wish I could be there with you, as you were for me in our tough times… I know you know so many others, but I just wish I could return some of the Love you showed to Jilly and I while we were there. We are headed to CHOP on Sunday for a full day of apts. on Monday, then a sleep study that night. Tue. we only have one apt. and I wish I could plan for a get together… but my husband has to work the next day and is not gonna give me much time to do anything. The only thing I could think of, was maybe to meet whoever could come at the PotBelly rest. accross the street, that way we don’t have to take up too much time driving somewhere… I have not mentioned this to anyone else, but would love to see you if at all possible. I need your cell #, to try to do this and I know you are very busy with your own life… but if I could even get a moment to give you a hug… I would love it!!! Well, get back to me if you can!!! Love and heart hugs!!! Joy

  7. Sending positive thoughts and prayers for healthy organs to Riley ASAP. He truly is amazing!

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