A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Still waiting…

Still waiting! Possible OR time is around 2am but they were suppose to be taking the donor in the OR at 10:30 and we haven’t heard anything! So.. We wait! Riley is sleeping! I just Pray we aren’t sent home at the end of all this.. ♥


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  1. Dear Riley’s mom and dad, I am sending special prayers for your son and you tonight that you aren’t sent home and all goes well with your little one. I don’t know you but I do know and love Woody. I want you to know that you are receiving prayers not only from me but also from a family now in Oklahoima City with their son who had the 4th stage of his heart surgery for a HPLH. He had a very stormy course and we are now witnessing a miricle unfolding as he is now off the vent and breathing on his own. His mother’s name is Jackie and she posted on Woody’s site where he asked for prayers. They also were looking at a heart transplant, but with prayer chains and God watching over him and guiding his doctors hands and giving them the knowledge and the skill that they needed, we are witnessing the miriclle we prayed for. I am sure if you need to talk to someone who has been through it she would be more than happy to speak with you. It’s a hard time for anybody and I am praying for God to hold Riley in his arms for the surgery and recovery and his angels hold you. God be with you and bless you.

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