A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Riley’s Next Cath….

We saw Dr. Hanna today. Pretty routine visit except that Today Riley decided he was going to Cry and be Fussy almost the whole time we were there! Not sure what that was all about!?
Riley would be eight weeks out this week from his previous cath. For those of you who are New to Riley’s Journey… He gets cathed about every eight weeks to remove forming scar tissue in his remaining Pulmonary veins.
Karen (NP) called after we left CHOP and said that they were scheduling Riley’s cath for next Thursday 7/28. I still need scheduling to call and confirm that, though.
Dr. Rome is Completely booked plus he is out of town the beginning of next week, but Riley Needs to keep those remaining veins open to be able to Live to transplant! That being said some rearranging is done and Riley is put on the schedule! Almost every cath is like this where Rome is booked and Riley has to be put in as an emergency!
Im Sorry to Any family who’s child  gets bumped so Riley can be cathed! Please just Know they would Never bump your child if they weren’t stable enough to do so!
I will update when I hear from scheduling! Remember… The call for Transplant Could still come at Any second 🙂

Here’s a pic while Riley was Still Happy….



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