A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

A few weeks back my sister, Chris, made a Wish on Wishuponahero.com to get Riley’s toes in the sand! The Wish was Granted!! A Wonderful Person/Stranger Payed for Riley, Christian, Darren and I to spend the weekend in Ocean City, NJ! It Was Wonderful!! Karen White You are Our Hero 🙂
Of course other people also saw the Wish and wanted to help! Debbie from GCIT (Darren’s Job) headed up a collection and was able to collect money to fund any expenses on our trip! This allowed us to go to the Boardwalk… Have Ice Cream…. Eat Dinner…. Go on rides etc. Thank You to Everyone from GCIT for Loving and Supporting Darren along with his Family! All of You are Also Our Hero 🙂
Be kind to Others. Love Your Neighbor. Hold the Door for a Stranger. You Never Know if That Person is a Hero 🙂

I am having issues uploading the pictures from OC to the site!  Please Follow the Link on the Home Page of Smile4Riley to his FaceBook Page if you would like to view the Album from OC.  Thank You….Sorry for the inconvience.


Comments on: "Ocean City, NJ 7/11…. Wishes Really Can Come True :)" (1)

  1. Karen W. said:

    Carol and family- You are all my heroes and it was my great pleasure and honor to help fulfill the wish of taking a family trip to the beach! The photos are great! I’m glad everyone had fun and the weather was nice. xo Karen

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