A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

We are Home….

As many of you may already know…Riley did not get his gift of life today!  We were there for 9 hrs ready to go… IVed and all the consents signed and most of the consults done.  However when Our CHOP team got into the Donor’s operating room it became apparent that both the lungs and  heart were not as good as they looked on paper…As they say!

Very Long…Emotional Day!  It took over a year and seven months for them to get an offer for Riley that was worth them even going to see in person!  I don’t know that we can wait that long again especially if it turns out to be another “Dry Run!”

Thank you to Mary Kay, Chris and Terry who stayed at CHOP with us, and Thank You to EveryOne Literally Everywhere for all your Support today!

In The End…God Bless the Child who Did Pass Away and the Other Children who were Given the Gift Of Life Today!  For Riley….Please continue to Pray……


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