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Riley had an appt to with Dr. Hanna today. Pretty routine. He has not gained any weight actually he has lost a little. He started microlipids last week. Also his finger tips are pretty purple and when he’s just standing around or sitting he is breathing pretty heavy… like he ran around the block yet never moved!
I figured that we would go back in two weeks and schedule a Cath for two weeks after that, but Hanna wants him Cathed in two weeks! So they should be calling tomorrow or the next day to schedule the Cath.
When I know when it is I will be sure to update!
I also saw Jilly today. She is doing WONDERFUL!! No O2 and sats in upper 70’s to upper 80’s. Awesome! They may be able to go home in about a week! Hooray!!
I also checked up on Bradley. It was suggested to me by transplant not to visit with him and his Mother. He is not doing good…at all. Mom has not left his bedside in days…not even to walk the hall. Bradley will most likely be earning his Angel Wings… at any time 😦
It very hard to handle the thought of Bradley passing. He is a beautiful 4 year old boy who for the last year since his heart/lung transplant has been a model of a Successful Transplant. Growing … Thriving …. everything you would want a recipient to do! To think that he was doing so beautifully and now is practically waiting to earn his wings is just Freakin’ Heart Breaking ♥ For me its Scary cause Riley has other complicating factors that Bradley DIDNT have like Heterotaxy and Asplenia! My heart is just Broken for Bradley.. his Mother …. and Everyone Effected by this!
Please Pray for Bradley and strength for his Mother ♥



Pop-Pop being Silly with Riley…


Oh Riley…….                                            Riley and Granny…



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