A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Riley’s Cath has been scheduled for Monday the 30th. Sorry to anyone at CHOP who reads this, but…..I had to do some bitchin’ to get it scheduled! I called transplant and was going to be transferred to one of the NP’s, but she knew nothi…ng of the Cath. The NP we saw Monday was out today. Then I’m told that all these docs were out this week so the NP’s have been really busy covering…etc…etc. I say…. Ok. I understand that, but that should have no affect on my son’s Cath being scheduled. So…my son’s veins that are obstructing have to wait cause you guys are busy? Right! We’ll you all are a team with major communication issues. I NEED SOMEONE TO CALL SCHEDULING OR GIVE ME THE NUMBER CAUSE RILEY NEEDS TO BE CATHED! So we hang up…she calls scheduling and calls me back and says they have the request, but nothing has been scheduled. Literally 2 minutes later the phone rings and we’re scheduling Riley’s Cath. YOU ARE YOUR CHILD’S BIGGEST ADVOCATE…..
On one other note…. I called back to Cardiac Intake to make sure I request Dr. Jobes for Anesthesia. I’m told…. Kerri hasn’t seen him lately. That he has been getting ready to retire! I’m like…NO! We Love Dr. Jobe’s…he is great with Riley and gives him the time he needs to get sedated because of his poor pulmonary function. We have had other just mask him and hold him down until he was under….ahh…no.
Sooo…..waiting to hear back. If I hear nothing then we got him for the Cath. If not Kerri will call me. Fingers Crossed for Jobes. He really is great and makes the difficult process of walking away from Riley much easier knowing he is in his hand β™₯
To all my CHOP Mommies….we will be there the 30th and admitted to the CICU post Cath. See you then β™₯


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