A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


So I called it pretty good. Riley will be Cathed within the next two weeks. Pulse Ox was between 70%-75% at our visit, but like I mentioned before Riley’s reflux is going crazy. We have noticed over the past two years that as his O2 supply lowers his reflux increases. Dr. Hanna is putting him back on Reglan. I had stopped it after the Norovirus because while he was admitted they explained what Reglan does and that was explaining why before the Norovirus he was destroying an outfit with every BM. So I hesitated today, but we’re gonna lower the dosage and give it a try. Start ruining clothes again …. Reglan stops! So we’ll see.
Now we wait for a call with a date for the Cath. I’m gonna say either next Friday or the following Monday…..let’s see:-) Maybe…. we can get a call to come in for Transplant instead ♥ Now that would be Wonderful ♥
When I know more I will be sure to share …….

♥ Thank you ALL for Caring and following along in my son’s journey to a New Chance at Life ♥


Riley waiting for Dr. Hanna….


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