A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


It was actually pretty uneventful today at CHOP. Of Course Riley had to have labs done….not fun, but the rest of the visit went well. Not much concern for the fever that comes and goes. They will check labs for signs of anything, but this is Riley and there usually isn’t a reason for alot of his fevers.

Anyway….for the FIRST time Dr. Hanna seemed to feel that we are getting close to transplant! Ya know..in the beginning of the transplant process our visits we’re kinda spread out (which blew my mind), but now its every 2 wks he wants to see Riley. Any sign of illness he will direct us directly to the floor. Pretty much… Riley has been waiting 8 months now for transplant and the reality is the more time you accumulate on the waiting list the better your odds are of getting organs.

So Riley’s clock is ticking and getting ever so much closer to that Day that will once again change our lives forever. I said to my husband earlier….April 4, 2008 our life changed completely … the day Riley was born. I said the day that Riley gets his transplant our life will forever be changed again…. almost like Riley’s being born again…. ♥
Soo…for now..Riley will stay on 3L of O2, and we will continue to WAIT for that…Moment..That will change everything…. Knowing…. Hoping …Praying ….that moment will come and not knowing when is Truly Mind Boggling…Have to say I wouldn’t wish it on anyone!
Thank You All for Your Support ♥ Love You All ♥


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