A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Monday morning Riley had a fever, again, that brought his HR up to 150. That’s high for Riley especially with some of the meds he’s on, but the Motrin brought it down.

Went to see Dr. Hanna…had labs drown including a blood culture. His WBC were elevated some, but they also were @ the time of his Cath. Checked his ears to be sure the ear infection hadn’t returned…nope. Of course now there is no fever either cause we had treated it with Motrin. Strangely, though, Riley’s fever does only seem to be at night and in the morning. So..No idea what is causing the fevers at this point, but we are to continue treating as we have, but Dr. Hanna wants us just to do round the clock Tylenol for like the next week, and the Motrin if its needed to reduce the fever.To sum up that part of today…Riley is sleeping…he does not have a fever and I did not give him the Tylenol. If he is not symptomatic.. at all.. I’m not going to give him more meds then he is already on!
Dr. Hanna wants to see Riley every 2 weeks moving forward. See after many Caths Riley has ended up back in the hospital for one reason or another. Usually for a fever and usually we never find a cause. Dr. Hanna wants to try and piece the pieces together and see if he can find the cause. Meanwhile we’ll wait for the culture results and go back in 2 wks.
There have not been any offers recently for Riley:-( That’s a lil’ discouraging, but Dr. Hanna seems to finally get Riley and his cycle of continuing obstruction and isn’t saying…no more Caths…anymore. Where Riley’s veins are narrowing in the 2 remaining veins is in a totally different location then the first 2 that have been lost. He feels… at this time…. that these 2 veins should respond to dilation without occluding….pretty much buying some time.
If there is anything to update I will….Thank You All ♥

In the office with Dr. Hanna and his Asst.  Riley Chillin’ on the desk!


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