A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Cath Day is upon us. My feelings are all over about it. Riley’s risk for complications is through the roof, yet, Cath’s have really been the only thing that has kept Riley with us for the last 2 yrs.

My emotions got a little extra rattled today. Dr. Rome popped in really just because he saw us as he was walking down the hall. Anyway…when he came in one of the first things he said was….You are really pushing this aren’t ya? I’m like…what? I’m not pushing anything! Riley’s pulse ox dropped last wk and I called. We came in Friday and he was still reading in the 60’s on 4L of O2. Dr. Hanna made the decision to have Riley Cathed…he started making the phone calls and arrangements. Yes….right now he is sitting in the 70’s on 3L. of O2…..so Dr. Rome says….He may not need to be Cathed … well I guess we won’t know now until we’re in there. I’m like … Riley has been Cathed every 6wks to 3 months his whole life! Everytime you go in you have to use cutting balloons! Riley is being like a car when you take it to the Mechanic and it runs ok….however….Riley was sitting in the 80’s on 2L. of O2 now he is in the 70’s on 3. Sooooo…that’s pretty much how the conversation went!

Sorry if I lost anyone!

After he left I was like….IM NOT PUSHING ANYTHING! God Forbid something goes wrong tomorrow…I don’t want that on my shoulders! I am Terrified for tomorrow, but there is no winning answer here. Everything with Riley is Hard…Complicated….Scary..♥
Anyway…Riley had a pretty good day, again. He did get IVed around 6, but I requested "Chatty Kathy" from the IV team and she is Wonderful. Riley sat with me while getting the IV. Anyone going to CHOP through the CPRU…request Kathy to do your child’s IV!
So as I may have said almost everynight these past few days please keep Riley in your Positive Thoughts and Prayers for his Cardiac Cath ♥


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