A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Not really to much to update today. Riley had a pretty good day. Of course most of it was spend walking the halls, but u’ll go Crazy if you stay in the room! Trust Me….I feel like majority of the time Riley’s admitted to CHOP he is on contact and its REALLY Hard!

We changed rooms today to one that had a bath tub…So Lisa…we are in Rm 29 in CCU now instead of 24:-)

Tomorrow…evening he will get his IV for the Cath. I pushed it back as much as I could, but they need some blood tests done before the Cath and if we IV him he’ll only have to get stuck once. Riley’s Regular veins are so small and scarred up from IV’s and lab work….he is a very hard stick! God…Friday night they drew from his foot! I usually avoid that at all cost..even trying to help the tech to find the veins, (I was an MST before having Riley), however I had ran home and wasn’t there and Darren had left the room (I suggested) so to the foot they went! My poor Baby!

Soo…besides that we are moving forward with the Cath on Tuesday. PRAY ♥ PRAY ♥ PRAY……NO COMPLICATIONS…and if possible….LET THE LOWER LEFT PULMONARY VEIN STILL BE HANGING ON ♥




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