A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Sooo…..Riley is Chiilin’ at CHOP! He was on Contact for like 24 hrs. until his respiratory panel came back, but it did and was fine so he was FREE!!

Got him hooked up in his wagon and walking the halls and he was in his Glory!

We brought him back down to 3L of O2 and he’s anywhere from like 70-82%. Hmm… Still…that’s 3L of O2. Without it he is in the 50’s 😦 Riley has been scheduled for a Cath on Tuesday. No…we weren’t doing one ….until….something like now when they feel there maybe a reason to do it. Riley cant go more then 8 wks now without having to have his Pulmonary veins ballooned!

So the continued fear that I have for Riley’s life just got bumped up a lil’ at least till after the Cath. They are EXTREMELY risky for him now, especially if we are down to one vein, Just thinking of it chokes me up!

He Always pulls through…even when there’s complications…I have to believe that he will continue to pull through and fight….Fight for a Life that he has Been Fighting to Live since he was born ….CRAZY!


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