A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Ok…..I think I need a tab just for Thank You’s!!  There are soooo many wonderful people that do such kind and generous things for our family……I think they deserve their own page!!

Since I don’t have that page, yet, I’ll post my next Thank You’s here!

Thank You to Ken MacKenzie, owner of MacKenzie TaeKwon-Do & Hapkido!  Ken organized a Kick-A-Thon in honor of Riley and our family!  I’m telling you….people are wonderful!  Ken, like many others, is a stranger to our family who was touched by Riley and his story.  To top off having the Kick-A-Thon Ken gave Christian a year scholarship to his school!  That is a wish that I had that he didn’t even know he granted!  I’ve ALWAYS thought that Christian would benefit from being in karate!  It’s amazing that he will start his first class Wednesday!  I’m so excited for him!!  Thank You again Ken and everyone who was a part of today, including all the students who got sponsors for their kicks!  Thank You!


Here are a few pics from today!

Riley wearing his Bravery Metal they presented him with:-)

(Christian received a Bravery Medal also!)

Riley with GrandMaster MacKenzie and Master Turley

Riley, afterward, just being his “BEAUTIFUL” self:-)


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