A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Riley’s Cath has been scheduled for next Friday the 11th.  We are not stopping his Plavix or Aspirin like we usually do.  Reason….Riley is at toooo much of a risk of getting a clot!  Riley is also at higher risk in general now for the Cath because of the progression of his disease(TAPVR).  Stroke being on the top of the list, along with issues with anesthesia.  Riley has already had multiply Caths, and for the most part there wasn’t any complications…..we can’t start having complications now!  We have come to far!  Riley is going to get this transplant and grow up to live a long fulfilling life!  That being said…there was one other child waiting through CHOP for a bilateral lung and heart transplant like Riley.  Well last week he received his transplant.  So far so good.  He is even breathing on his own at this point!  That’s something to hold on to even though the true complications come down the line!  We’re not going there though:-)


I was asked to add this picture to the last post.  It is Christian wearing Milt Thompson’s rings!  One quick note…..Christian really had no idea who Milt Thompson was, but when Milt got here he almost like zeroed in on Christian and Christian was so happy to be getting all that attention.  He brought the things Milt gave him to school the next day after we explained who Milt was.  The best part of the whole thing is just that Milt made Christian’s day, and it wasn’t because he was part of the Phillies, it was because he was a nice guy who showed him genuine attention!  Thank you Milt for that:-)


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