A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Hello to all!  I feel like there is alot to say, but I’ll try to sum it up as much as possible.

Friday Riley had an echo and a Cardiology appt.  There really is no point anymore of discussing what the echo showed, because we have yet to have one that is accurate.  The one on Friday didn’t seem to show much change, but remember that the last one that he had looked good and when he had the Cath. we found out that he needed transplant!  So Riley is being scheduled for a Cath within the next wk. He may need to be admitted a few days before the Cath so that we can stop his Plavix and Aspirin and start him on Heperin, but I’m waiting to hear from Dr. Hanna’s office to know exactly whats going on.

Next on the agenda are Thank You’s! First I want to thank Kim, owner of Kids Kuts in Voorhees, for having Kids Kuts for Riley!  Also Thank you to all the women who work there who were a part of the fundraiser!  Not to forget….Thank you to everyone who took there children for haircuts in support of Riley and our family!

Now a Thank you goes out to Cheryl.  Cheryl is a friend of Riley’s therapist.  She heard about Riley and began to talk about him to other people.  One of the people she spoke to about Riley was Rhonda Thompson, Milt Thompson of the Philadelphia Phillies wife.  Rhonda apparently went home and shared Riley’s story with Milt.  Well the passing along of Riley’s story lead to us having some very welcomed guests yesterday!  Milt, Rhonda and their daughter, Alyssa, came to our home to meet Riley and our family!  It was a wonderful visit!  After a short time it became like we were sitting with old friends!  Darren was thrilled to meet Milt and I am thrilled to have a new friend in Rhonda!

I will update when I know more about the upcoming Cath.


Here are some pics from the Thompson’s visit…



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