A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


 Riley loves to sit in the front seat while we wait for Christian to get out of school.  He just looks soooo cute standing there holding the steering wheel and looking out the window:-)


On a different note…..Riley’s Cath has been scheduled for Monday October 12th.  He will go Friday for the usual pretesting….blood work and a chest x-ray.   Fingers crossed that it will be a little less eventful then the last one where he came out on a Ventilator!  Hopefully it will show some good news! 

There is one bright side to the day.  The McClains will be there with Ryan.  Of course it would be better to visit under different circumstances, but it is what it is.  Ryan will be having a sedated MRI around the same time that Riley will be having his Cath.  So we will be in the CPRU together, then probably waiting together, but then Riley will have to go to the CICU, and Ryan will most likely be cleared to go home.   It will still be nice to reunite once again with our ORIGINAL heart parent companions .  For anyone who doesn’t know Ryan and Riley were born a day apart and were in the same pods in the CICU at CHOP for almost 2 wks.  I think there will always be a bond!

Until later….. 


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