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Today Riley had a Cardiology appt. and an echo.  I don’t know that it could have went better!!  To start…..he slept through his echo….without sedation!!  Dr. Szwast came in amazed that the tech was able to get such good images!  Anyway….the echo looked pretty good.  Good enough that we aren’t having another echo for 5 wks!  Dr. Szwast is going to talk to Dr. Rome regarding a cath.  She believes that we can wait, but Dr. Rome may want to go in and get some measurements.  That is really the only way to keep track of the progression of the scar tissue.  Soo….she will call me and let me know what he says.  Possibly, though, we are going to wait on a cath.  That in itself is amazing because we have never gone longer then three months without needing intervention!!  These are the things we want to be happening.  The longer we can go without intervention…the bigger his veins get…..the slower the tissue forms….all these things will allow us, at some point, to move forward in trying to repair his little heart!!

Riley weighed in today at 19lb 5 oz.  We will take it!!  EVERYTHING is slow going when it comes to Riley, but as long as we keep moving in the right direction, that’s all that matters right now!

Anyone keeping track know that Riley is almost 17 months old, and that he is behind in, well, everything.  That being said……he loves to sit on the floor or even the bed, and spin himself around.  He is sooo proud of himself!  He loves that he can turn and see the TV then spin himself around and see one of us on the other side of the room.  BIG SMILE:)  He has also started being shy!  He’ll put his head down or turn around if he doesn’t know you or isn’t sure. 

One last note…….He is truly a Daddy’s Boy!!  He loves to be with Darren.  That’s his buddy!  Makes me a little sad….I mean I did carry him in my womb for 9 months……and spend everyday…all day with him, but in the end I know he loves me by the way he looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes.  He can stay a Daddy’s Boy forever as long as I always have those beautiful eyes to look at me!



Hi everyone…..sorry for not updating!!  Riley is home from the hospital.  Came home the Monday after he was admitted.  Everything is pretty normal right now.  Working on eating!

Riley has his next echo Wednesday the 26th.  Its unsedated…..hopefully he will not freak out.  If he does we will have to go back for a sedated echo which requires a night stay in the CICU because of his Pulmonary issues.

That’s really all for now!  I’ll updated again soon……PROMISE:)

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