A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

update 7/8/09

First let me start by saying I’m sorry for not being better with the updates on Riley!!

That being said……Riley had a Cardiology appt. today.  His echo was unsedated and Riley screamed the minute the tech touch him.  Sooo…now we will go back next Tuesday for a sedated echo.  FUN! 

We did learn that Riley is up to 18 lbs.  HOORAY!!  He is still not up to a full feed, yet, but he is still putting on the weight.  Probably because we went from a 24 calorie feed to a 30 calorie.

On another note…..I have a much over due THANK YOU!!  About two wks ago Riley’s speech therapist, Chris, stopped by.  She said she had something for me to read.  Well…..it’s a letter in response to a letter that Chris wrote to the Pray Child Foundation on behalf of Riley.  She had asked me months ago if it was ok, and I said yes…thinking it was for them to pray for Riley.  The more prayers the better…right!  This was a little more then that.  She had told them about Riley, and gave them his website.  Well….they sent a VERY GENEROUS DONATION to Riley!!  I was speechless!!  Chris we love you…truly!!!  Pray Child Foundation…..Thank You for caring for our son.  The kindness of all of you will not go unforgotten!


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