A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Riley is in the Cath Lab.  We have only had one update so far, and Dr. Rome was dilating Riley’s upper left pulmonary vein.  That wasnt even one I thought was going to need dilation so that goes to show that you never know until they get in there.
Dr. Rome did tell us in our consult that Riley is outgrowing his shunt that was placed at his first open heart surgery.  He is going to attempt to place a stent in the shunt today.  This will buy us some time before Riley would need open heart surgery to replace it.  Im not sure how much time, but I will ask in our consult at the end of the cath.
Sooo….that is pretty much all we know right now.  Dr. Rome was sure to tell us that this a serious procedure.  Yes…it’s not open heart surgery, but it certainly, by no means, is risk free.  Hopefully, though, our Riley will pull through, like he always does, and we can move forward.
On a totally different note……..I have to put a huge THANK YOU out to my sister Terry.  On Friday she took Darren and I to a Phillies game.  It was our gift, she says, for being Riley’s parents for the last year.  Anyway…it was a good time!  We didn’t last very long in our nose bleed seats….to much anxiety, but I/we had a good time all the same!
Thank you, also, to my parents for watching the kids.  I know Mary Kay was a little nervous about Riley’s feeds and meds, but everything was handled beautifully!!  Thank you to all of you:)
Until later…..please Pray for Riley!!!!!!!!!!

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