A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Thank you….Thank you….Thank you to everyone who was a part of the Smile 4 Riley Benefit!!  To all the women on the committee…Joey, Michelle, Julia, Karalyn, Jackie, Pat, Mary Kay, Chris, Kathy.  All of you did a fantastic job organizing the benefit. 

Kathy…thank you for the beautiful cake!  The desserts were a hit!  Terry thank you for putting together the pictures!  They came out great, and now we can have them to treasure forever.  Julia…thank you for running the kitchen.  Everything ran smoothly!  The thank you’s could continue forever!!!  Every woman on the committee did an awesome job!!

I do, though, have to thank my parents!  Thank you for opening your home to this group of women, and all of the stuff that came along with the planning of the benefit!  Once again proving how great you truly are!

Ok..one more….Thank You to my sister, Chris for well…..EVERYTHING!!  Thank you for starting up and heading the benefit committee…thank you for caring so much for Riley and our family that you truly stretched yourself to your limit.  In the end……you did a wonderful thing for our family and I will be eternally grateful!!  I would have never thought, 20 years ago, that you would turn out to be such a great big sister!  I Love You!

Ok…I lied….Thank you to everyone who helped….Katy, Susan, Dennis, Dad, Lou, Danielle, Andy.  All the volunteers!!  Everyone who donated baskets or things for the baskets.

Wait….Thank you Rebecca McClain for all you did!  Thank you for the beautiful jewelry you made for the auction, and for your donation.  Also…thank you for that great Mother’s Day email!  I Loved It!!

Everyone who came to the benefit!  Thank you for supporting Riley and our family!  The love is greatly felt!

Now….our journey continues.  Wednesday Riley has a sedated echo.  We already know there is obstruction in the veins.  Now we need to see its progression.  Riley will most likely end being scheduled for a Cardiac Cath to balloon the stents again.  If he is not…..then that would be great.  It would mean the progression is slowing.  Unfortunately, though, I think he will be having a cath….since we already know of obstruction.  Bottom line…..pray!  Riley’s whole life depends on these veins.  We need a break!  He needs a heart!!  If the veins keep narrowing so quickly it won’t happen!  So please….pray!

Thank you again to EVERYONE!!!  I hope I didn’t miss anyone or not thank anyone accordingly!

Ur all the Best!!


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