A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Riley had his sedated echo today!  It confirmed that the one vein they saw the other wk is obstructed, and that two others are mildly obstructed.  The fourth looks ok.   Dr. Szwast spoke to Dr. Rome and he would like to wait a month and do another echo, and take it from there.  He feels that Riley is stable enough that he would like to wait before taking him back in to the stability lab, and ballooning his stents. 

So…another month we wait!  The hope is that the scar tissue will start to slow its progression.  Dr. Rome will continue to go in and remove it, but ideally we would seriously like the vein conditions to improve.  We can not move forward…..to do anything…with out stability in his veins.  Dr. Rome is looking for four months, and we cant seem to get past 6 wks. 

Just pray that Riley’s Pulmonary veins will finally stop or at least slow down forming scar tissue.  It causes the obstructions.  Riley’s whole life is dependent upon the conditions of his veins.  Everyone always says how great Riley looks….even the doctors, but his insides show something totally different.  We need that to change!  Just Pray!


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