A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….

Riley’s Birthday

My Three Kings… 

Aunt Debbie and Riley 

Daddy and Riley Riley and Aunt Chris


 Riley and Aunt Pat


“Yeah…I don’t do Cake!”

“I’ll take the plate!!”

Riley and Aunt Terry Riley, Jackie and Dennis

Michael and Riley Riley and Christina

  Riley and Aunt Jane Riley and Granny

Pop-Pop and Riley

Pop-Pop, Granny and Riley 

  Mommy, Riley, Aunt Chris and Aunt Terry 

The Family…..

Aunt Terry, Riley, Christian, Granny, Donny, Pop-Pop, Gee-Gee, Michael, Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Chris and Uncle Lou

Riley’s Birthday was a Great Day spent with family and friends!  There were many more people there that are not pictured.  Reason being…..Chris gave me a disk with 300 pictures of Riley’s Birthday.  How do I decide what to post?  Sooo…I put up pictures that had Riley in them.  To everyone else who isn’t pictured….Thank you for coming and celebrating Riley’s first Birthday with us!  Thank you for all of your wonderful gifts!  An extra special thank you to Kathy for making Riley’s beautiful Elmo cake.  I wish you could have came back and enjoyed it with us!  Aunt Pat, Aunt Chris and Aunt Terry…..Thank You for everything you did to help bring Riley’s big day together!  Thank you to Granny and Pop-Pop for opening your home to all of us so we could celebrate Riley’s life together!  It was a BEAUTIFUL DAY:)


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