A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Here is a pic of Riley when we were at CHOP!
Sorry I haven’t updated…..Yes we were at CHOP in the beginning of the wk for two days.
Riley had gotten a fever and the poops and off we went.  We came home on Wednesday.  Yesterday,
though, he was worse then he was in the hospital.  I called the fellow and they pretty much said
it was the virus running its course…just make sure he stays hydrated.  So we are slowly on our
way back to normal minus the extremely raw behind:(
On another note….I have to share another example of wonderful people.  I was just at Sears
trying to find an outfit for Riley to wear tomorrow for his birthday.  Anyway….I was at the register
and talking to the woman behind about the clothes I was buying and of course that led to Riley.
Well as I went to give my things to the cashier the woman said she was paying for it!  WHAT!?
This was a complete stranger.  Of course I told her she didnt have to do that, but she said she
knows she doesnt but she wants to and she can.  That being said….THANK YOU!!  I will always
remember your kindness!!
I would also like to thank everyone else who continues to send us donations!  All of you are
heaven sent!!  Thank You:)
Tomorrow Riley will be ONE!!!!  HOORAY!!!!  If you are not celebrating with Riley….celebrate
for Riley!!

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