A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Riley had his follow up appt. today with Dr. Szwast.  Everything went ok.  I did learn, though,
that Dr. Rome did balloon 3 veins not 2 during the Cath.  However, the 3rd was not that bad.
He has been scheduled for an echo on  April 15.( See you there, Becca!)  It is not sedated.
We are going to wait 3 months to do a sedated echo, unless one is warranted sooner.
Other then that……Riley weighed in at 15 lb. 2 oz.  He has started the microlipids, again,
so hopefully that will help with weight gain.  Dr. Szwast also thinks that once Riley
starts eating solids his reflux will improve.
When we were leaving we saw Dr. Rycheck.  Riley has seen him several times on the
floor as an attending, but I saw him last year arond this time when I was pregnant.
He told me then that Riley had a 50% chance of living till he was 1.  So when we
saw him I said…well…Riley will be one in a couple wks….I guess we have past the
first marker!!  He said..yup….lets keep going!  Now he also said last yr. that after
one Riley had a 50% chance to five.  Soooo as always you see our journey continues!!

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