A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Well I wouldn’t say that today turned out to be the day we were hoping for.  Riley did not have
a sedated echo.  There was concerns that he has started gagging again, and after the last echo
it took a little longer then usual for him to wake up.  This with some other factors lead to Riley
having a regular echo.  Not fun…..he hated it, but bottom line…..Riley has been scheduled for a
Cardiac Cath on Monday March 2nd.  We know that at least one of his veins needs to be dilated.
However, unfortunetly, once Dr. Rome is in the lab things always appear worse then on echo.
Needless to say….I shed alot of tears today.  Nothing that was said is new…it’s just reality everytime
you hear the doctors saying it.    It just feels like we don’t really live…we just wait for the next appt.
Soooo…..we don’t know what they will do exactly in the Cath lab on Monday.  They don’t even know.
It all depends on what they see when they get in there.
On another quick note…..to all of you who have given donations….THANK YOU!  I have received some
in the mail, and some from Jackie or Christina.  I have your names…I just cant get to them right now.
Just know that we are eternally grateful for all of you!!
Please pray for our Riley.  I think another hurdle is ahead.  We have to get over it!!  There is no other way!
Besides…..Riley has a first birthday coming up!!!

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