A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Well…Chris kinda stole my thunder with the Thank You’s for the fundraiser for Riley
and our family!  We are grateful to every person she mentioned and more.  First the
Conolly girls.  Kim, Christina, Jackie and Joey…..Thank you so much for everything
you did to organize and have the fundraiser!  It is crazy how the world works.  I would
have never imagined, last yr at this time, sooo many people caring for my son and
my family.  During this time there has been family and friends to dissappear, and family
and new friends to gain.   For anyone that doesn’t know…I probably haven’t seen my
cousins, the Conollys, in about 10 yrs or so, until last Christmas.  For them to have stepped
up and held this fundraiser for Riley and our family is truly touching.  It’s a feeling of love
that we will forever cherish.  We Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!
Thank you, also, as Chris said, to everyone who came out in support of Riley!  It was
nice to see family and friends.  Thank you to all of the wonderful people, most of you
strangers, who gave donations.  Your kindness is overwhelming!  I never realized how
many wonderful people were in this world until our life was blessed with Riley.
Now we move forward to the sedated echo on the 25th.  Fingers Crossed!! 

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