A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Today we went and meet with Dr. Nance.  He will be doing Riley’s surgery on Tuesday.  Riley will have the Ladds procedure and the G Tube.  We are not going to do the Nissan.  At least not now.  The hope is that Riley’s reflux will get better after his malrotation is addressed and as he gets older and bigger.  If down the line his reflux does not improve Dr. Nance will then do the Nissan.  I hate the thought of having to put him through another surgery, but if we can get by without doing the Nissan it would be great.
We were a little worried that Dr. Nance wouldn’t do the surgery on Tuesday because Riley has a cold, but he said Riley’s lungs sounded clear, and he would be ok for surgery.  I will tell you, though, Riley having a cold is no fun.  There is nothing we can give him, and he just has constant boogies.  Of course they are worse in the nostril with the NG.  Add that to Riley’s vomiting……I think I’m actually ready to go back in the hospital.  Its nerve racking being home and feeling helpless.
Anyway….Riley will probably be in CHOP for about a wk.  Nowing Riley’s history, though, it will be longer.  Pray for the best.  Let this be a surgery that helps to improve some things, and that Riley will come through it without any issues.
Riley will be admitted to CHOP on Sunday.  This is because we had to stop his aspirin and Plavix so they would like to put him on some Heperin as a precaution. 
There will be updates….either from myself, Terry, Granny or Aunt Chris.  Please continue to keep Riley in your thoughts and prayers as his journey continues!

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