A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


I know that everyone who reads the website knows that Riley got a new crib, but I don’t believe that I thanked those responsible.
Thank you, first, to Julia Krug who put the whole thing in motion.  Julia had never even meet Riley, and was determined to get him a new crib.  Thank you to Steve Goldstein, Jeanette Pepe, and Eric Gross who work with my sister, Chris, for your donations to Julia for the crib.  Also Thank you to Kim and Selene Small who are members of Julia’s church.  Thank you to Greg Fisher at Deptford JcPenny’s for working with Julia on the price; probably making the whole thing possible.  Finally Thank you to my sister Chris.  Had she not be so saddened by the fact that Riley had a used crib, Julia may not have been so inspired to make sure Riley had a new one.  The crib is beautiful!  Thank you to all of you!
One last note….Wednesday is Riley’s sedated echo.  Oh how I am dreading Wednesday.  We have NEVER, since I was pregnant, had a good echo.  I am pleading with God to make this one different.  The stents HAVE TO be working.  They HAVE TO be keeping the veins unobstructed!  I just cant handle the alternative.  Please…if you pray….pray for Riley.  I know I’ve said it before, but we truly need a Christmas Miracle!!


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