A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


We went yesterday and met Dr. Hummel.  He seems like a great doctor, and the best part is he is part of CHOP.  He’s office is a little bit of a distance, but we wouldn’t be going there in an emergency anyway.
Riley has also started his early intervention.  OT was out yesterday.  It was more of a get to know you kind of visit..  She did leave me with some ideas, though, to help with getting Riley to sit up.  Speech Therapy will be out on Monday.  Once everyone is here for the first time I believe they come back every two wks, but I could be wrong, it could wkly.
Other then that everything else is pretty much the same.  We go back next Wednesday for the sedated echo.  Not looking forward to that at all!  Keeping praying for a Christmas Miracle!

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