A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Hello…somehow I found a computer in the CPRU that lets me blog. 
Riley went back around 12:45.  It will be a couple hours.  We spoke to Dr. Rome before he went back, and I could have done without that chat.  The bottom line is he feels that after the stents are placed we have exhausted our options. In other words if the stents become obstructed, which is possible, there is not much else they can do.  They can go in and balloon the stents, but to what end.  He doesn’t feel it’s fair to the child to continue to put them through procedures if they are not going to help.  We have already done surgery, and cutting balloons.  This seems to be our last hope.  It has to work!  I just cant handle the thoughts that are going through my mind.  Riley has to be here.  Please pray for long term success.  If I can’t get on again Chris will update. 


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