A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Riley had his sedated echo today.  It showed that one of the two veins thats was showing obstruction before is ready for a stent.  The other vein looked as it did in the last echo.  Dr. Rome will decide once he’s in the Cath lab and can see better if the other vein should also get the stent.  If not he will stent the one.  He apperently does have at least one good pulmonary vein.  If we can get that to at least three we would be in good shape.  Dr. Szwast is trying to schedule the cath for the next wk or two.  Someone actually already called me from scheduling to say that she submitted the paper work.  Someone will be calling back to schedule the actual cath.  Sooo…thats next.
His weight was 13lb. 4oz.  Still a little guy, but at least he is still gaining weight and not losing.
Dr. Szwast spoke to the GI surgeon and some of her fellow Cardiologists and it is believed that Riley does need all three things, the Ladds, the Nissan, and the G-Tube.  However, like everything else, it needs to wait a little bit until his pulmonary veins are stable.  Damn Veins!  Im not big on the G-Tube, but I can understand its benefits.  Whatever is best for Riley. 
Oh…and just to add his pulse ox was mid 70’s – mid 80’s.  Not bad considering!
I will post when I know when the Cath is scheduled for.
Keep praying….this journey is long from over!

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