A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Happy Halloween!! 
Yesterday we went to meet the new doctor that had been suggested by Kim, Gene’s friend.  Well….he feels that Riley’s situation is to complicated for him to handle at this time.  He doesn’t feel he can give him the time he would need.  I was alittle taken back, but what can I say?  At least he was honest!?  So now we start again. 
Chris contacted a doctor she knew.  Dr. Hummel.  She knew him from Donny and Michael, but also from when she worked at Lincoln.  He was a client.  Anyway…it turns out that he is a CHOP pediatrician.  She told him about Riley, and he is willing to see him as a patient.  This would be good because he would have access to all of CHOP’s info, weither it be lab reports or test results, whatever, he can have access to it.  I like that idea.  Everyone in one network.  Soo…we’ll see.  I’m going to talk to Dr. Szwast on Wednesday, and see what she thinks.  I’m sure she’ll think it’s a good idea.
On another note…as you may have saw on Chris’s page, she got a pulse ox donated to Riley!  How awesome is that??!!  I’m not sure of the company right now, but when I am I will be sure to thank them.  Chris, though, is fantastic!  She got the pulse ox, her friend is getting Riley the crib, she got Dr. Hummel, she’s starting to move forward with the benefit.  By the time she’s done she’ll deserve the Extreme Makeover:)  Don’t get me wrong…alot of people are doing great things for us including Terry, Jackie, my parents, Dennis, Christian’s school and on and on.  Thank you to everyone!
Today we are going Trick or Treating with Jackie and family for Riley’s first Halloween.  He had his monkey costume on this morning for Christian’s parade at school, and he looked so cute.  I will get pictures later and post them.  Until then…

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