A Lil' Boy's Journey to Live….


Thank you to everyone for their great advice on pediatricians.  We have decided to go with Dr. Mirmanesh.  He was recommended by Kim, who is a friend of Chris’s exhusband Gene.  We have made an appt. to meet with him on Thursday.  Hopefully he will be as great as he sounds, and we will have found Riley a new pediatrician.
In other news…Riley was evaluated yesterday by early intervention.  He is eligiable.  This will help with his feeding, as far as baby food, sitting up, rolling over, his verbal skills etc.  I’m pretty excited to get that started, but it will take alittle while before things really get rolling.  There are several meetings before the actual therapy will start.
We are still looking into the pulse ox.  It will be covered by insurance, but it’s out-of-network.  It will be cheaper in the long run to purchase one.  Chris is looking into having one donated.  That would be fantastic!  If not we will figure it out. One last note….I want to Thank Riverside School district.  They had another Jean Day last Friday.  Thank you to my sister, Terry, for putting that into motion!  Also…Thank You to Christian’s school, Somerdale Park, who had a Coin Drive for Riley over the past two wks.  The love and support we feel from the community is overwhelming!  Thank You:)

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